September Beitrag: Maurice

Maurice Bridgland

After the death of my Wife Anne in May 2015 to help me in my mourning I went to my sister Jean in England, on the Sunday 19th july we went to Church together. On the way back to her house we sang the anthem ”Jarusalem” Jean told me that I would make a good tenor and that when I returned to Germany I must join a choir to help me in my mourning. Google gave me few names of choirs in Hameln the one that sprang out to me strait away was Salt’N’Light Gospelchor, they must be singing in English.
I contacted Mirjam Risse who invited me to come along to the choir practice on the 9th September in the Church hall in the Papengöseanger, from the first moment I arrived I was so warmly welcomed by all the members of the choir it was like joining a big new family and Mirjam invited me to come to a workshop with Tine Hamburger that very weekend. I enjoyed singing Gospel songs so much I just had to join.
I enjoy very much singing with the choir it’s so much fun. I have been with Salt’N’Light now three years and now I am singing at Concerts and Weddings which fills my heart with joy. Thanks to Salt’N’Light I have meet interesting people and made new friends, as long as my voice can take it I will stay with the choir.

THANK YOU Salt’N’Light. Singing Gospel got me through a very hard time in my life.


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